Manage Users Overview

users.JPG Manage Users, accessed through the Administration tab, allows administrators and supervisors to add, view, and update users' information.

Add User allows you create new users within TargetSolutions and specify their details. Manage Users allows you to modify and edit details including status, shift, job classification, supervisor access, credentials, and more for specific users in your organization. Manage Organization allows you to add or rename groups within your organization's categories.


 Please see the following links for more information about Manage Users:


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Adding Groups

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Adding Users

Adding Users to Organization Categories & Groups

E-mail Settings

Create Supervisors

Defining Categories

How to Give Supervisors Appropriate Access to Oversee Users

Inactivating or Deleting a User

Modify Organizational Profile

Modify User Profile

Modifying Groups

Reactivating a User

Reset Passwords

TS Academy - Managing Your Users



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