CICCS Red Card Generator

If you are tracking CICCS qualifications, you can have the CICCS Red Card Generator added to your site. Contact your Account Manager to have this function added.


Once added, you can access this by selecting Administration and then Manage Users.


 Click ‘Print Red Cards’ to begin.


 You will now fill out your Red Card Generator Form.




Start by selecting which users need red cards generated. As a default, no users are selected. Click the hyperlink to enter the user selection page.


 By clicking names in Column 2, your full list of available users, they will be moved to Column 3. Column 3 should then contain the users who need red cards. To remove a name from Column 3, just click it again and it will be back in Column 2. If it’s easier, you can also use Column 1 to sort your users by their organization category groups. Once the correct users are selected, hit Continue to return to the Red Card Generator Form.




Select the Qualified and Trainee Credential information that you would like displayed on your red card. As a default, all 104 of the CICCS Qualified Credentials will be selected under Qualified and all 104 of the CICCS Trainee Credentials will be selected under Trainee. It is important to note that only credentials the user is enrolled in will show up on the Red Card. To edit, click the down arrow next on the “___ of ___ selected” bar.


 This will bring up a list of every credential you have listed under Manage Credentials, including custom ones created by your department. Click the credential name to either check or uncheck, which is adding or removing the credential information to or from your Red Card.



Physical Fitness:

You will need to pick a Physical Fitness Credential for each of the following Fitness levels: Arduous, Moderate, and Light. As a default, the corresponding CICCS Credential will be selected. However, if you wish to edit this and choose a different Credential, click the down arrow on the selection bar.


 Unlike the Credential selection window, you can now only choose one Credential for each Category. Click on the desired credential to replace the default selection.




You have the option to add a Signature and Date to the bottom of your Red Card. If you would rather sign in each individually, choose ‘Leave Blank’. To upload or create a signature, click View/Add Signature.


 This will bring up a list of your saved signatures. You can have multiple saved in this section.  Click the link to upload or create a new signature.


 The upload link will take you to the following page. Add a saved signature image from your computer, and then fill out the Name and Rank to appear underneath the signature on the Red Card.


 You also have the option to create your own signature.  Using this tool you can either use your mouse or finger on a touchscreen device to draw your signature.




Compact Card: uses the Avery’s Folding Business Card Template #5820.


 Full Card: the full card format is printed on normal, 8.5”x11” printer paper.


 Full Card with Experience: full card template with a form attached where you could fill out Incident Experience for your user.