How to Give Supervisors Appropriate Access to Oversee Users

Giving Supervisors Appropriate Access to Oversee Users

Supervisors are given specific rights to view and edit certain people and applications for their TargetSolutions site. Only Administrators can give and manage supervisor access.

To do so, please follow this pathway:

Administration > Manage Users > Click on Find Users button (located in Manage Users box) > Select Users (then hit green Continue button) > Manage Selected Users by clicking on the name of the user listed > click on Access tab > proceed to modify the Group User Oversees access accordingly. Refer to image below:

Selecting the Groups for the Supervisor to Oversee

The Second step is to select the “Groups User Oversees”. It is important to note that the more boxes checked between categories (i.e. Rank, Shift, Station, etc.) the more limited the access becomes.

When selecting the groups for a Supervisor to oversee, only users with the same selections in their personal pro-file will show up for the supervisor to oversee.


If you select 2 ranks, 2 shifts, and 2 stations for the supervisor to oversee, only users with one of those two ranks selected AND one of the two shifts selected, AND one of the two stations selected will be viewable to the Supervisor. If a user has a rank and a station selected, but shift has been left blank, or a different shift that the supervisor cannot oversee has been selected, the supervisor will not be able to oversee the user; same goes for all other categories. Each check box between categories creates an AND situation for the user not an OR situation.

If you want the supervisor to be able to oversee all users, you will select all the options in 1 category that you are confident all users have marked in their profile. For example, if you know all of your users have a rank selected, you would then select all of the options under only rank for your supervisor to oversee.