Add or Manage Individual User Credentials

When editing an individual's start or expiration date, or license number, you will need to do so through Manage Users. This information is specific to each user and therefore must be entered individually.

  1. In the Administration section, select Manage Users.
  2. Select the green Find Users button in the Manage Users box.
  3. Filter down the list of users you would like to modify with the Narrow By and Select Users boxes and click .
  4. Click on the name of the user you wish to modify.
  5. Click Credentials from the option bar shown below:
  6. If you are adding a new credential to a user's profile click Add_Credential.JPG, or if you are editing an existing credential click the gear.JPGicon to edit an existing credential.
  7. Once the dialogue box opens with the credential fields, fill out the information and click save.JPG.