Defining Categories

Categories consist of a collection of different groups defined by the administrator and are based on an organization’s structure. Examples of Categories include department, division, job title, specialties, etc. Examples of groups within job title would be Fire Chief, Captain, Firefighter, etc.

All categories must be added by TargetSolutions client support staff. Organizations can have as many categories and groups as they would like. 

When setting up categories, it is helpful to consider how an organization would like to assign supervisory rights and how the organization’s chart is set up. 

Some questions to consider when creating categories are:

  • Which group(s) will users select?
  • Where are your supervisors?
  • Can users be in multiple groups within the same category (i.e. multiple specialties)?
  • Are users required to select a group?
  • Will the category selection appear on the registration page?
  • Will the category selection be a user fill-in response?  (Allows for tracking on address, phone number, badge number, or any other text fill-in)
  • Will users be able to view or modify their group without the permission of the administrator?


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