Question Bank

The Question Bank is where administrators can create test questions and designate their answers. They can also create categories to organize the questions and expand and collapse the categories so they can view the questions that have been created.

Create the Question Category:

  1. Click  in the Test Builder. To create a new folder for your questions, click .
  2. Provide a name for the Category. It is recommended to keep the same name for the Test and Category for easy reference.
  3. Determine whether the questions should be made available to all administrators within the site (Public) or only available to you (Private).
  4. The Description box enables you to provide detailed information regarding the category.
  5. Click  once you have completed creating the Category

Create the Questions

Create the Questions

  1. Click the  next to the Category you have created and click  to add a new question
  2. Either type or copy and paste your question into the
  3. Type your Question in the first box.
  4. Enter possible answers to the question in the Answer Choices fields. There is no maximum number of questions allowed.
  5. Denote a Correct Answer by clicking the bubble next to the appropriate answer on the right column.
  6. Click

After creating the new category and its test questions, click on  to complete creating new test.

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