Attach a Custom Certificate to an Activity

As an administrator, you are able to attach your own custom certificate to an Activity. You will need to first have the custom certificate created by our TargetSolutions graphic designer. Please follow these steps to have the certificate created, then access Activities Builder to attach it to the activity. 

  1. Click on the activities_builder.pngActivities Builder icon under the Administration tab.
  2. Select the activity you would like to attach the certificate to from your list of activities. 
  3. From inside the activity, click Edit Activity Settings next to the activity’s title. (See screen shot directly below)edit123.JPG
  4. From the Edit Activity Settings page, check the box next to Attach custom certificate of completion.
  5. Select the certificate from the drop-down, and click Preview to verify that you have the correct certificate.
  6. Provide your certificate text. This text will appear directly after the User's name on the certificate. If your activity has a duration associated with it, include the number of hours in the certificate text.



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