Creating New Activities

Activities Builder gives Administrators the ability to create customized assignments for employees.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In Activities Builder, click the button
  2. Select the Category from the dropdown menu. This is where the activity will be saved.
  3. Provide a Name and Description for the activity.
  4. Determine the Options for the activity:
    • Allow self assign makes the activity available at all times for users to complete without having it assigned.
    • Require validation upon completion requires an Administrator (or Supervisor with rights to the Validate Completed Activities application) to verify the information provided by the user is accurate before it is recorded in the users’ history.
    • Allow recording as complete allows an Administrator (or Supervisor with rights to the Record Completed Activities application) to record that the activity was completed by a group of users. For example, if the activity contained a Powerpoint presentation that was viewed by a group of people at an in-person training session, a single Administrator or Supervisor could record that it was completed for all attendees at one time.
  5. Determine the Privacy settings:
    • Edit the components in this activity allows administrators to restrict others from being able to manage the components that are currently in an activity. 
    • Assign the activity allows the administrator to decide if others with access to this activity are able to assign it to users. 
    • Run reports on the activity allows the administrator to determine if the data entered into the activity is reportable by anyone other than the creator. 
  1. Select the Tags that pertain to your activity. Tags act as filters on your reports. To have Tags enabled in your site, contact your account manager at TargetSolutions.
  2. Click to save your activity, which will take you to the Activities Builder, and where you can begin adding Components to your activity.  We recommend using Reportable Components where you can, to assist you when running reports on your activity. 


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