Recording Completions

Record Completions allows administrators to create a record of completed activities by users, which will show up in their personal training history. This tool helps track completed onsite training, other group training, meetings and activities.

To record an activity as completed, administrators will need to have the activity available in their Activities Builder.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on  Record Completions in the Administration section.
  2. Select an activity from the list, or use the Search field to narrow your options. Use  to segment the list by Category or Tag.
  3. Select the users whose training you would like to record.

    Narrow By: This option allows you to utilize your User Groups to filter the list in the Select Users box.

    Select Users: You can filter the list more by using the Search bar at the top of the column. Check the box for each user you wish to include in the training record. You may click Select all visible at the bottom to automatically check all users in the column.

    Note: To remove users from the list, either uncheck their name in the Select Users column, or click on their name in the Users Selected column. To reset the list, click Clear all to remove all users.

  4. Once you have selected your users, click .
  5. Input any necessary information before clicking  to complete the record.