Modifying Activities

Once an administrator has created an activity, they can easily edit it at any time. It’s easy to change an activity’s Category or Name, change the activity Options and Privacy settings, Tag it, create a Copy, or Delete (if it hasn’t already been assigned).

Here’s how it works:

    1. To begin making changes to activities in Activities Builder, click on the desired activity.
    2. From inside the activity, click Edit Activity Settings next to the activity’s title. (See screen shot directly below)
    3. Make your changes and click Submit. See below for more detail regarding changes.


Refer to the screen shot directly below for the following:

  • To move it to a new Category, select the desired Category from the dropdown menu.
  • If you would like to change its name, type in the new title in the following box.
  • If you would like to remove the activity, click on the Delete button. Please note that an activity can only be deleted if it has not previously been assigned.
  • To copy the activity, click Copy and you will be prompted to create a new activity name and then a copy will be created. You may edit the new activity or assign it.
  • To add or remove the activity from Record Completed Activity or Self Assign, and to modify the privacy settings for the activity, use the check boxes next to Options and Privacy. Before modifying these settings, please refer to number 4 in the Creating New Activities article.
  • To tag or to remove a tag from an activity, use the check boxes next to Tags.



Here's how to edit an activity’s component:

  • Once you’ve opened up an activity inside the Activities Builder, click on the Edit link, which is located on the far right of each component box. This will bring up the Editing Tool, which is the pop-up box that enables alterations. Once the desired edits have been submitted, you will see a confirmation that the component has been changed.


Here's how to reorder the components in an activity:

  • To move a component’s location within your activity (either up or down), click and drag the blue up/down arrow in the far right-hand corner of the component box to your preferred location within the activity.


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