Activities Builder Overview

Activities Builder is powerful application that helps administrators tailor training to their organization’s specific needs. Activities can serve many different purposes, but it will be helpful to think of these purposes under two categories: tracking and content delivery. With this tool you can create training assignments using documents or presentations (policies, training videos, etc.) you have uploaded to your Resource Center. You can also use Activities to track in-person tasks (daily drills, physical fitness, etc.) and to gather information (inspection results, surveys, etc,). The Activities Builder can be found in the Administration section.


Please see the following links for more information about Activities Builder:


Activities Builder Tutorial Video

Assigning Activities

Adding a Resource to an Activity

Importing Example Activities

Creating Categories for Activities

Reportable Components

Self Assigning Activities

Validating Completions 

Recording Completions

Delete Completions 

Modifying Activities

Request a File Component

Creating New Activities

Attach a Custom Certificate to an Activity

How to Add and Assign a Resource


Additional Help- Administrator How-To FAQs using the Activities Builder:
How do I issue and track custom EMS content?
How do I embed a video from the web into an activity?
How do I request an e signature?
How do I add reportable components?
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