Create a New Credential

Administrators can easily create a new credential in the Manage Credentials section. Here’s how it works:

  1. From the Administration page, select  Manage Credentials.
  2. Please note that if the Category in which you want to place your new Credential does not exist, you will need to create a New Category See the entry titled “Creating a New Category” for information, please click here.
  3. You can customize the credential by selecting its category, whether the credential is Certified or Custom, and giving it a name, description, and selecting various Options.  These options include:
  • This credential requires: This is where you chose what the credential entails, such as a start date, expiration date, and credential number (i.e.: a license or certification number).
  • Allow users to view and/or edit this credential: 
    • Chose Yes - and you can determine how the user views the credential, as well as what aspects of the credential the user is able to edit or change.
    • Administrators can allow the user to view the credential on their home page, under the schedule, and/or in their My Credentials tab.
    • Pin to Schedule: This will keep the credential “pinned” and visible on the user’s home page at the top of his or her Schedule.

However, once the credential has been completed, it will no longer show in the schedule on the home page, even if that option has been selected.

    • Administrators also have the option to allow users to edit all or only certain aspects of their credential, they can allow users to edit dates, credential numbers, and/or attachments.
    • Chose No - and the options section collapses, as no selections are necessary.
  • When all required training has been completed, automatically renew credential
    • This section allows administrators to choose if they would like the credential to automatically renew for the next term.


    • On requirement completion date: If this option is selected, the credential will automatically reset at midnight on the date the final requirement is met. 
    • On expiration date: If this option is selected, the credential will automatically reset at midnight on the expiration date, IF all requirements have been met.
    • Do not automatically renew credential: If selected the credential will not renew.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the Renewal Selection, in order for a credential to auto renew all requirements must be met prior to the date of expiration.

4.    Click  Capture.PNG.

To view the new credential on the Manage Credentials page, click on the Down Arrow in the new credential’s specified category. Click on the name of the credential you’ve just created.


To edit any of the information, click the  Gear Icon in the Credential Options box. You can also or  from the Manage Credentials page. 




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