How do I update my user's organization groups (rank, shift, station, etc)?

Under Administration, select Manage Users. Then, you can either go through Manage Users or through Manage Organization to edit your user's organization groups.

Tip: It’s faster to go through Manage Users if you have lots of updates to make to a single user (Ex: I have one user who’s Department, Shift, and Rank have all changed). Go through Manage Organization if you have lots of updates to make to one category (Ex: five users will all be moving from one shift to another).


Manage Users:

Click Find Users.

Select the user(s) who you wish to edit, and then click Continue.

Click their name to open their profile.

Select Organization on the top bar, then click Edit Organization Settings.

Pick new groups and click Save.


Manage Organization:

Click View Organization Categories.

Open the group you need to edit (choose the new group, whichever one you are adding users to – once you add them in, it will automatically remove them from the old group).

Click Manage Users.

Click Add Users.

Select User(s) you would like to add and then click Continue.