Training Records API - California Only

Training Records API

An API for clients to use in order to access course and activity completion data from outside the TargetSolutions system.

Basic Function

A URL containing an encrypted key is given to the client. Clients will access this URL through an https request. When accessed, the request will return a CSV file containing completion records for all active users and all courses and activities available in the client site.

URL Options

Clients can choose to receive all records completed on the day the report is run, or a range of dates.

Current Day Only

This version of the URL will return all records submitted on the day the request is made, from 00:00:00 hours to whatever particular time the request is made.

If the request is made again on the same date at a later time, it will return all records submitted from 00:00:00 hours to whatever time the second request is made.

Example URL (this example URL will not run):

Date Range

If a larger amount of data is required, start and end date parameters can be used to return submitted records from a specified date range. This type of URL is most common.

This version will return all records completed from 00:00:00 hours on the start date to 23:59:59 hours on the end date.

Example URL (this example URL will not run):

(Please note the date format for startDate and endDate parameters must be mm-dd-yyyy)

Report Options

The CSV report will contain all completions made for both courses and activities for all active and offline users[1].

The report can contain the following columns, in the following order. These are the only data columns available using this API.

Employee ID


Assignment Name

Assignment Type

Assigned By

Date Assigned

Date Due

Completion Date

Completion Time

Date Submitted

Time Spent In Course

Test Score

Test Attempts


Course ID

Transcript ID

RMS Code

JAC Code

Duration (hours)





[1] An offline user is a user who has not yet logged into the program. Once he or she logs in for the first time, their User Status will automatically change to active.