Allowing Supervisors to Manage Events

TargetSolutions offers a series of supervisor rights that allow administrators to control who can manage events and designate exactly how they are managed.

This article covers Events-related supervisor rights. For more information on how to create a supervisor, please see the Create Supervisors help article.


Supervisors can be given access to create and manage their own events by selecting the Add/Manage Events option under the User Access column on the Access tab in their profile. The bullet points below detail how supervisor-created events behave:

  • Open Enrollment events will be available for enrollment only to the users the supervisor oversees
  • Supervisors can manually enroll users they oversee
  • Supervisors can manage attendance for users they oversee
  • If the event requires enrollment approval, supervisors can approve or deny only for the users they oversee

Supervisors can be given access to manage events created by others:

  • Approve Enrollment Requests: Supervisors can approve enrollment requests for users they oversee.
  • Cancel: Supervisors can cancel events. Cancelling events will send a cancellation notice to all enrolled users, not just the users the supervisor oversees.
  • Edit Details: Supervisors can update the Name, Date, Duration, Instructor, Location, Web Meeting Link, Enrollment settings, Notification settings of events.
  • Manage Attendance: Supervisors can mark enrolled users as attended (creates a completion record) or absent for users they oversee.
  • Manage Enrollment: Supervisors can manually enroll users they oversee. NOTE: While supervisors cannot enroll users they do not oversee, they can remove enrollment for any user.


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