Manage Attendance

Administrators and Supervisors with access to Add/Manage events can manage the attendance for each event they have created. Supervisors can only manage attendance for users that they oversee.

Administrators can manage attendance for events others have created. Supervisors can also be given access to Manage Attendance for events others have created.

The Manage Attendance tab in an event is not available until 5 minutes before the event starts. When attendance becomes available, access to the Manage Enrollment tab is closed. For more information on managing enrollment, see the Manage Enrollment help article.

Recording Attendance

Recording users as having attended an event will create a record of that event in My History for each users. These records will appear in the Completions and Completions - Aggregate reports.

Marking a user as absent will not create a record. You can return to the event at anytime to see a list of absent users in the Manage Attendance tab of your event.

To record attendance:

  1. In Manage Events, click on the pencil icon next to the name of the event you want to manage OR click on the name of the event you want to manage and then click the Manage Attendance tab. This tab will show the users who were enrolled in the Event. If you are a supervisor, this list will only contain the enrolled users you oversee.
  2. Click the Attended or Absent buttons next to the name of every enrolled user and click Save. A modal will appear to give you the opportunity to review your list of attended or absent users. Click Confirm to finish.

To add attended users who were not initially enrolled in the event:

  1. Click the Add Walk In button on the Manage Attendance tab.
  2. Use the User Select Tool to select the users who attended the event.
  3. Click Continue. The selected users will now appear as attended on the Manage Attendance tab and a record of their attendance will be created.

Editing Attendance (Reset)

A completion record is created once a user has been recorded as attended using the process described above. If you mistakenly recorded an absent user as attended, you can delete this completion record by clicking the Reset button next to the user's name.

Resetting a user's attendance will bring back the Attended and Absent buttons, allowing you to make the correct selection.


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