Manage Enrollment

Administrators and Supervisors with access to Add/Manage events can manage the enrollment for each event they have created. Supervisors can only enroll users that they oversee.

Administrators can manage enrollment for events others have created. Supervisors can also be given access to Manage Enrollment for events others have created.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In Manage Events, click on the name of the event you want to manage and then click the Manage Enrollment tab. Note that even if you have set the event to allow Open Enrollment, you will still be able to manage its enrollment manually.
  2. The Manage Enrollment tab will list all users currently enrolled in the event. To manually add users to the event, click on the Enroll Users button. To remove users from the event, click the X icon on the right.

The Manage Enrollment tab is available up until 5 minutes before the event starts. When enrollment closes, access is granted to the Manage Attendance tab. For more information on managing attendance, see the Manage Attendance help article.


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