File Center Resource Wizard

Platform Managers can upload a file to the File Center and use the Resource Wizard to create an activity and edit it in Activities Builder or assign it through Create New Assignment.

The Resource Wizard can be accessed from the File Detail pod once a file is uploaded.


Create Activity: This option is a shortcut for creating a new activity directly from the wizard. The new activity will include a Resource Component for your newly uploaded file and drop you directly into Activities Builder so you can make additional edits, like adding a Duration component or changing the activity's settings. [Click here for a slideshow walk through of this feature.]

Create and Assign Activity: This option will take you through steps to create a new activity directly from the wizard, allowing you to bypass Activities Builder. From the wizard, you will be able to jump directly to Create New Assignment, effectively allowing you to assign a document directly from the file upload tool in File Center. [Click here for a slideshow walk through of this feature.]

Creating new Categories in Activities Builder from the Wizard

When you are specifying the detail of your new activity, you are given the option to create a new category.


If this option is selected, you are able to name your new category. Once you complete the final step in the wizard, this new category will appear in Activities Builder and will contain your newly created activity.


Supervisors with Add/Edit File Center Access

The Create Activity and Create & Assign options will only appear for supervisors that also have rights to Activities Builder. If a supervisor has rights to Activities Builder, but not Create New Assignment, only the Create Activity button will appear.


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