Uploading New Versions of Files

Administrators and supervisors with edit access to the File Center can upload new versions of files stored in the File Center. Uploading a new version of the file will update any activity to which the file is attached. This will not affect past activity completion records.

For example: A policy is uploaded on January 1st and attached to 3 activities via the Resource component . Joe Smith reads and e-signs that policy when completing an activity on January 10th. On December 3rd a new version of that policy is uploaded in place of the original in File Center. The links to that policy in the 3 activities will now open the newest version of that policy. However, if Joe Smith wishes to see the state of the policy as he signed it on January 10th, he can access his activity completion in My History to view the policy as it was when he originally signed it

To upload a new version of a file:

  1. Go to File Center and locate the file you wish to update
  2. Click the edit file icon edit_file.png
  3. Click the upload button upload.png
  4. Choose the new version of the file from your desktop
  5. Click Save Changes to update the file save.png

A history of file versions appears in the Version section of the file details. This history shows the name of the user who uploaded the version, the date and time the version was uploaded, any notes associated with that particular version and a link to the version as it was at the time it was uploaded. Version notes are only viewable on the file detail page.

Please note that this functionality is currently not available for video or audio files.