Mass Managing Activities

Activities can be mass managed by using the checkboxes to select multiple activities and then clicking the arrow icon in the upper left of the table.



Each section of the settings page is individually editable. Making and saving changes in one section does not effect settings in any other section.


Editing a section will clear all of the previously selected settings for all chosen activities for that section only. For instance, if you have 10 activities all with a different combination of tags and you mass manage the tag settings section, all 10 activities will have their previous tags cleared out and replaced with the tags selected during mass management.


Privacy Settings: Note that if 1 or more of the selected activities was not created by you, you will not have access to change privacy settings when mass managing. Privacy settings can only be edited by the creator of the activity.


Selecting archive will archive all of your selected activities. See Archiving Activities for more information.


When selecting delete, only activities with no associated completions or outstanding assignments will be deleted. All others will be archived. As part of the archiving process, any outstanding assignments of those activities will be deleted.