Add an Activity to a Credential

An activity can be added to credential topics from Manage Credentials or directly from the activity in Activities Builder.

To add an activity to a credential topic from Activities Builder:

  1. Go to Activities Builder and click on any activity.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the "Add to Credential" button. button.jpg
  3. Using the dropdown menu, find the credential to which you'd like to add the activity. dd_menu.jpg
  4. Once the credential is chosen, you will be able to select a topic. topics.jpg
  5. Once a topic is selected, the hours or units field will become available. Like when adding an activity from the Manage Credentials feature, this field is prepopulated.

    When adding an activity with a set duration to an hour-driven topic, the duration is automatically entered, but is editable. hours.jpg

    If the duration in the activity allows for a user-entered number, the hours row will show ‘User Defined’. user.jpg

    If the credential topic is unit-driven, the unit credit will show as 1. units.jpg

  6. When finished, click Save.