Completions - Reimbursement

Administrators and Supervisors with access have the ability to run reports on reimbursement completions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Access Generate Reports under the Administration
  • Press the Create New Report button to start.
  • Select Completions - Reimbursement from the Report Type drop down list.
  • Title: Create a new Title for your report
  • Columns: This section provides you the ability to add or remove selected constraints to your report. You can add or remove check marks by simply check-marking/uncheck-marking the column selections that you would like.
    • User Columns: Populates user-related selections
    • Assignment Columns: Populates assignment-related selections.
    • Component Columns: Populates component-related selections.
  • Sort By: Allows you change the order in which the information will be displayed in your report

Narrow down your report to specific data – this area provides you with the ability to filter your report only on certain pieces of information.

  • Reimbursement Status: Filter your report to run on College, JAC or None.
  • Completion Date Range: Defaults to All Time (all completions ever completed), but can be modified to a handful of default date ranges.
    • Custom: Filter to a date range of your choosing by choosing Custom and use our Calendar widgets to choose your date range
  • User Status: Defaults to show only users with Active or Offline accounts, but can also be modified to include Inactive accounts as well
  • Assignment Type: Filter your report to run on TargetSolutions created courses only (Courses Only) or assignments that you created (Activities only)
  • Courses and Activities: Filter your report to run on specific assignments
    • Select Tags: Use this selection to filter your report to run on a particular group of assignments that you’ve previously tagged
    • Select assignments: Use this selection to choose specific assignments to include on the report.   Click your assignment names from the Available library section to move the assignment to the Selected Library section
      • Tip: Use the “Filter by” courses and activities and/or tags section to narrow your options in the “Available Library” column.

Click the Run button to run your report.

After your report is run, you will see it listed in the Reports tab along with the details associated (Report Title, Type, who it has been shared with, and the date it was run).

Click the Blue Hyperlink of the report to view your report. After viewing, you’ll have a variety of options:

  • Details: Displays the filters selected and other pertinent information about the report
  • Download: Download report as a .csv (Excel File) with or without the Detail information included or as a non-editable PDF
  • Print: Print your report
  • Email: Send report via Email to other members of your organization using the smart search tool or to individuals outside your organization by entering their full email address
  • Copy: Brings you back to the report editing section with all of our settings, columns selected, and filters saved.   You can use the report as a template and make any necessary edits from here.
  • Delete: Permanently deletes this report from your saved Reports view.