Reimbursements (CFFJAC and Community Colleges) Overview

California Fire Departments participating in the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) training program can track completion of all JAC training via the TargetSolutions Platform.  We’ve also made it easy for you to keep track of which entity (JAC or a Community College) is reimbursing you for which users.  We provide you with a special category called “Reimbursement Status” which also allows you to keep track of the dates that your users entered the JAC or College Programs and when they finished.  This ensures that that the reports that you will be sending to JAC and your Community College will be accurate and there will be no double dipping.

Let’s walk through how to get your users added to their respective groups:

You will see the category called “Reimbursement Status” which will provide you with three default options: JAC (used for members currently in the JAC program), College (used for members that receive College Reimbursement funds) and None (used for members who are ineligible for reimbursement funds). 

The Reimbursement Status category is special because it will keep track of the dates that users were switched from each group on the back-end.  We keep track of these dates for reporting accuracy. 

You will see the Reimbursement Status category by going into a User’s Profile via Manage Users > Find Users > Organization.   Upon selecting which group (JAC or College) an individual should belong, you’ll also be able to add their Number (required for JAC, optional for College) and the date they entered the JAC program or became eligible for College Reimbursement. 

You can see the history of the ‘Reimbursement Status’ category via ‘Show/Hide History’. This tracks details as to when the user’s Reimbursement Status was updated, when the change was made, what the changes were, and who made the change.

Adding Users to a JAC or College Reimbursement Group en mass

You also have the ability move multiple users in and out of their Reimbursement groups via our Organizational Profile tool.  To do so go to Manage Users > View Organizational Categories > Reimbursement Status

You will first select the group you want to move users into, then ‘Manage Users.’  You can edit users currently in that group from this page or you can Add New Users into the JAC/College/None group by selecting the “Add Users” button.  Add the Number (if applicable) and their respective start dates and you’re done! 

Reimbursement Reports

Once the user has been added to their respective Reimbursement Status groups, TargetSolutions will make sure that only users in those groups will appear on the appropriate reports.

We have a few Reimbursement Reports that are available to you:

  1. JAC Monthly Submission Report: This report is a ‘smart’ report and will be capturing JAC Training information pulling from the dates users were in the JAC training program. This report is arranged in the electronic format that is accepted by JAC.
  2. Completions - Reimbursement: This report is a ‘smart’ report, capturing completions based on the ‘start date’ field within the ‘Reimbursement Status’ category for JAC training or College Reimbursement. This report operates like a regular completions report, while also including the ability to pull Reimbursement Start Date and Reimbursement End Date fields. This is the only report that tracks Reimbursement Start and End Date fields. This is the report that you will want to use to send to your local Community College.

We hope that you take advantage of this feature and have the ability to capture more data … make more money.

Watch our video promoting our solution for capturing JAC training by clicking here